LGBTI Health Regional Steering Group in SECH - CHO 5

The recommendations from the 2015 Rainbow Report guided the development of South East Community Healthcare’s (SECH) response.  key to this is the establishment of a multi-disciplinary LGBT+ Health Steering group where colleagues from HSE Services, Community & Voluntary agencies & Service User representatives work in partnership to respond to the needs identified.

LGBTI 2015 Rainbow Research Report

The HSE Social Inclusion service in CHO 5 (South East) commissioned a research report to find out from LGBTI people

  • what they identified as their specific health needs and
  • how they found service provision in meeting these needs. 

Along with the report, the LGBTI Health Regional Steering Group produced an LGBTI friendly sticker for health service providers including GP practices, to ensure that LGBTI members of the community are welcome and aware that the service is LGBTI friendly.

Review of the Rainbow Report

In August 2020 a Review of the Rainbow Report was completed. This review highlights

  • the strengths and leadership within Social Inclusion
  • the development of an Education and Training Sub group
  • Operational Plans aligned to relevant national policies and strategies and
  • the equality proofing of the 2020 Operational Plan in line with the public Sector Duty. 

Recommendations are indicated for the further development of LGBT+ work that are both regional and national.

LGB Awareness Training

A model of LGB Awareness Training has been developed in the South East Community Healthcare (SECH) through the SECH LGBT+ Health Steering Group. On completion of this training participants are given the updated LGBT+ friendly Sticker & the LGBT+ Awareness Card as an indicator to service users & staff that the service they are using is LGBT+ friendly and inclusive. The model also includes a Train the Trainer module.The model also includes a Train the Trainer module.

Regional Factfile

In 2018 CHO 5 (South East) produced a regional fact file for the LGBT community and those who work in the area. The LGBT South East Regional Fact File was updated in 2019 and can be accessed here