Protecting HSE Staff from Secondhand Smoke

A HSE policy on Protecting HSE staff from secondhand smoke in domestic settings is in place across the HSE from 15th December 2014.

The purpose of the policy is to protect HSE staff who deliver services in service users’ homes from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. As a result, service users and others present in their homes are asked not to smoke for a period before and during the visit. Numerous health service staff provide services in service users’ homes including nurses, home help staff and therapy grades.  

A number of resources have been developed to support the implementation of the policy, including posters and leaflets to download or order hard copies, and risk assessment forms and template letters for managers to address non compliant service users. These resources, along with the policy document, are available below.

Policy and Documentation:


An on-line training module has been developed which is designed for anyone who works or regularly comes into contact with families, including those who work in health and social care settings. The course will give participants the information they need to deliver effective interventions that will help protect people from the harmful effects of second hand smoke. Access this training course here:
Secondsmoke E-Learning Course for HSE Staff

Posters and Leaflets:

Download the Protecting Staff from Secondhand Smoke Leaflet (PDF, size 156.8 KB)

Download the Protecting Staff from Secondhand Smoke poster (PDF, size 123.3 KB)

Order hard copies of the poster or leaflet

Individual employees who have a query on this policy should contact their local HR / Employee Relations Department.