HSE National Standard for Tobacco Cessation Support Programme

Tobacco cessation services are recognised as an important element of a comprehensive tobacco control strategy. The HSE provides and promotes a wide range of cessation services, ranging from online and social media supports on quit.ie and Facebook - HSEquit, a National Smokers' QUITline 1800201203, HSE quit clinics and courses, primary care supports provided by GPs, Pharmacists and Dentists, and tobacco dependence treatments.

A National Standard for Tobacco Cessation Support Programmes was developed in 2013. The Standard was informed by a range of international standards from the UK, Australia and New Zealand, all of which are recognised as being evidence based and cost effective. This intensive cessation behavioural support programme is delivered by cessation specialist staff.

Tobacco Cessation Support Programme

The Tobacco Cessation Support Programme is a structured behavioural support programme for smoking cessation. It provides Healthcare Professionals with the resources to build client capacity for behaviour change in smoking cessation.

In facilitating this programme, the Healthcare Professional adopts a client- centred approach using the core skills of motivational interviewing. This approach enables the Healthcare Professional to support the tobacco user through the process of quitting by increasing confidence and motivation to quit and developing personal coping skills to sustain the quit attempt over time.

The Programme incorporates seven sessions and can be adapted to meet individual client needs, pace and readiness to change. The programme can be facilitated on an individual or group basis.

Session 1 - Prepare

Session 2 - Plan

Session 3 - Quit

Session 4 - Coping

Session 5 - Support

Session 6 - Keep Going

Session 7 - Moving on