Tobacco Free Campuses

HSE Tobacco Free Campus Toolkit Guidance Document

In order to implement national policy objectives contained in Healthy Ireland, Tobacco Free Ireland and the HSE Tobacco Free Ireland Programme, and to protect staff, service users and visitors from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, the HSE has adopted an official corporate Tobacco Free Campus Policy. The policy has two clear aims:

  • To treat tobacco as a healthcare issue.
  • To denormalise tobacco use in all healthcare services and settings. 

The HSE Tobacco-Free Campus Policy underwent extensive internal and external consultation in 2011 and was adopted as an official policy by the Director General and the HSE management team in 2012. The Tobacco-Free Campus Policy can be viewed here. 

The policy is based on international best practice and is in line with the GNTH Global Network of Tobacco Free Health Services Model. Click here for more information. 

Experience demonstrates that the successful implementation of Tobacco-Free Campus Policy requires a systematic approach and the proactive support of the service managers at all levels. To assist in the smooth implementation and ongoing management of this policy across all services and settings a resource implementation guide with supporting tools has been developed using the updated GNTH-Global Network for Tobacco Free Health Care Services Standards. The document is divided into eight sections with supporting tools based on standards listed below;

Standard 1 - Governance and Commitment

Standard 2 - Communication

Standard 3 - Education and Training

Standard 4 - Identification, Diagnosis and Tobacco Cessation Support

Standard 5 - Tobacco Free Environment

Standard 6 - Healthy Workplace

Standard 7 - Community Engagement

Standard 8 - Monitoring and Evaluation

A GNTH Quality Improvement Plan can be downloaded here.

Download the HSE Tobacco Free Campus Toolkit Guidance Document (PDF)

Videos to Promote Tobacco Free Campus Implementation 

Further Resources to Support Tobacco Free Campus Implementation

Smoking Cessation and Mental Health - A Briefing for Frontline Staff.

This briefing document is a tailored resource produced for Mental Health Services in recognition of the unique challenges arising from established practices and misconceptions around mental health and smoking. It is a valuable reference for staff in these services to support and guide them in their day to day interactions with clients and service users. This resource challenges myths and emphasises the crucial role staff play in reducing tobacco prevalence. This resource works alongside The Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit Guidance document, a comprehensive suite of generic tools and resources to support smooth implementation of the policy.

Download the Smoking Cessation and Mental Health Briefing document

Signage and Information Cards

The Tobacco Free Campus Policy is already in place in many health facility campuses, with many hospitals and primary care facilities already "tobacco free".

Signage is only one part of the overall communication message that needs to be considered when introducing the Tobacco Free Campus Policy.

Having examined current signage already in use in many of these facilities, it has been decided to standardise any new signage so that the signs are distinctive and easily understood by all members of the public.

Consideration has also been taken into account that 41% of our current population has some literacy difficulties and for many residents, English may not be their first language. We must also comply with national legislation which demands that all text on signage must be replicated in Irish.

Signage Templates

New templates for A1 outdoor signs

New templates for A2 outdoor signs

Irish Language Signage

Tobacco Free Service Information Card

HSE Tobacco-Free Campus Policy Implementation Workshops 2017

The TFI Programme in partnership with HP&I hosted 8 Tobacco-Free Campus workshops at regional/CHO level during June and early July 2017. The workshops were open to managers and staff from acute services as well as Primary Care, Mental Health and Social Care services and were designed to support staff in the implementation of the HSE Tobacco-Free Campus Policy. Presentations and supporting documentation presented at the workshops are available below.

2017 TFC Workshop Overview

Cluain Lir Tobacco-Free Campus

EVE Tobacco-Free Campus 2017

Waterford/Wexford Tobacco-Free Campus 2017

Mount Alvernia Tobacco-Free Campus 2017

Irish Epilepsy Monitoring and NRT

Effect of TFC on Violence in Mental Health Inpatient Settings