Tobacco free campuses

The HSE has a Tobacco Free Campus Policy (PDF, 220 KB, 22 pages).

The policy has two clear aims:

  • to treat tobacco as a healthcare issue
  • to denormalise tobacco use in all healthcare services and settings

It also aims to protect staff, service users and visitors from tobacco smoke.

The policy bases its content on international best practice. It is in line with the Global Network of Tobacco Free Health Services Model (GNTH).

More information is available in the The Global Network for Tobacco Free Healthcare Services -

HSE Tobacco Free Campus Toolkit Guidance document

To carry out the Tobacco Free Campus Policy, a systematic approach is necessary. It is also important to have a proactive support of the service managers at all levels.

The HSE has developed a resource implementation guide. This guide will assist in carrying out and managing the policy across all services. The guide follows the GNTH-Global Network for Tobacco Free Health Care Services Standards.

These are:

  • governance and commitment
  • communication
  • education and training
  • identification, diagnosis and tobacco cessation support
  • tobacco free environment
  • healthy workplace
  • community engagement
  • monitoring and evaluation

How to implement "HSE Tobacco Free Ireland Campus Policy" guide (PDF, 2.4 MB, 76 pages)

GNTH Quality Improvement Plan (Word doc, 56 KB, 11 pages).


More supports

Further resources to support tobacco free campus implementation:

Second Hand Smoke in Domestic Setting Policy

The HSE created another policy called the Second Hand Smoke in Domestic Setting Policy after consulting with relevant stakeholders in the community and primary care.

Second Hand Smoke in Domestic Setting Policy (PDF, 364 KB 20 pages)

Smoking Cessation and Mental Health - A Briefing for Frontline Staff

The Mental Health Services produced this briefing. It shows challenges and misconceptions in established practices from mental health and smoking.

It is a valuable guide and support for staff in these services. It helps them in their day to day interactions with clients and service users. It also challenges myths and emphasises their in reducing tobacco prevalence.

This resource works alongside The Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit Guidance document. This document contains tools and resources to support the application of the policy.

Smoking Cessation and Mental Health Briefing document (PDF, 669 KB, 28 pages)

Signage and information cards

Signage is an important communication tool when introducing the Tobacco Free Campus Policy.

Signage should be clear and easy to understand by the public. Because of that, it has to be standardised in these facilities.

Around 4 in every 10 people in Ireland have some literacy difficulties. Also, for many residents, English may not be their first language. Legislation says that all text on signage must also be in Irish.

Signage templates

More resources