Dental Services in Cork, North Lee

Dental Services

Primary dental care services to eligible patients are provided:

(a) in Health Service Clinics  (HSE dental clinics)

(b) by private dental practitioners contracted to the Health Services

In effect children (under 16 years) are treated in HSE dental clinics and adults are treated by private practitioners in their own practices under arrangements with the health service. 

Adults with special needs are also seen in HSE dental clinics if this is the most appropriate location for their dental care.

Orthodontic care is provided to eligible patients by a consultant led team. Only those children and adolescents assessed as meeting HSE Orthodontic Guidelines are eligible for secondary care orthodontic treatment.

Telephone numbers of clinics:

Grattan Street Clinic (Main Office) – (021) 4921777

Cobh Clinic – (021) 4811249

Cope Foundation Clinic – (021) 4507131

Harrington Square Clinic – (021) 4500074

Macroom Clinic – (026) 41869 *(Please note this clinic is due to move premises in the near future to the New Primary Care Centre)

Midleton Clinic – (021) 4631145

Orthopaedic Clinic (Knocknahenny) – (021) 4394750

Youghal Clinic – (024) 92212