Mental Health Services in Cork North Lee

It is estimated that one in four of us will experience some mental health problems in our lifetime, from a low period, to more serious depression, to a small number who will experience severe mental health problems. If you feel persistently sad, have trouble sleeping or experience unexplained aches and pains, you should visit your GP for some advice. Most people are treated by the GP alone, unless more support, for example, therapy services, is required, in which case you may be referred to some of the following day and hospital services.

Carraig Mór Centre, Shanakiel, Cork (021) 492 1460
St. Michael's Acute Psychiatric Unit (021) 427 1921

Day Hospitals
Inniscarrig Centre, Western Road, Cork (021) 492 1586
Cunamh, Macroom (026) 20670
Owenacurra Day Hospital, Midleton (021) 463 5346
St. Mary's Day Hospital (021) 492 7922

Day Centres
Slí Nua Cobh Mental Health Centre (021) 481 2030
Midleton Owenacurra Day Centre (021) 463 5346
Millfield House Blackpool (021) 430 0071
Harbour Counselling Service, Penrose Qy, Cork 1800 235 234  /  (021) 486 1360

St. Colmans House, Macroom (026) 42201
Gougane Barra House, Cork City (021) 450 8661
Millfield House, Blackpool (021) 430 0071
Owenacurra Unit, Midleton (021) 463 5350


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Child Guidance/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Who are we?

We are a specialist service for children up to 16 years of age and their families who are experiencing moderate to severe emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. There are two teams covering North Lee. These teams are based at City General Hospital, Infirmary Rd.,Cork.

Who is on the team?

The service is multidisciplinary which means there are people from different clinical professions working here including Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Clerical Support.

What do we do?

We will do a full assessment of the difficulties you are having and if treatment is needed then this may include time with parents, individual time with children/young people, family time, groups for parents/children and/or medication.


We also offer a consultation service to all health professionals, social workers, teachers, family centres and residential care staff. This provides them with an opportunity to discuss children with the team and seek advice. Parents/carers must give consent for the consultation before hand.

Who can refer?

Referrals are accepted from GPs. Referrals are also accepted from senior health professionals (Senior Educational and Clinical Psychologists, Senior Occupational Therapists, Senior Speech and Language Therapists and Principal Social Workers) with the knowledge of the child’s GP.


To protect the privacy of individuals and families all information is kept confidential within the team. However, there may be a number of services or professionals involved in the care of children and adolescents. Therefore sharing of information might be important to co-ordinate the efforts of professionals involved with children and families. This is only done with parents’/legal guardians’ consent. Confidentiality can be broken when there is a risk of significant harm to self or others, including child protection concerns.

Opening Hours and Emergency Cover

We can be contacted by telephone between 9am and 5pm, from Monday to Friday.

CAMHS North Lee East:  Tel no: 021 4927821- 021 4927822

CAMHS North Lee West:  Tel no: 021 4927864/4927825

CAMHS North Lee North:  021 4659730

CAMHS North Cork: 022 44970

Clients are seen by appointment only.

An emergency service is provided at the Accident and Emergency Departments of Cork University Hospital and Mercy University Hospital by Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. Sometimes a young person will require admission to hospital following their presentation to A&E. At other times, follow-up clinic appointments will be scheduled.


Information for Children/Young People

At our service we help children/young people who are worried about something or who are having a problem with things at home or at school.

What we DO?

We DO listen to what you have to say

We DO give you the option of talking with a member of the team on your own and also with your family

We DO use play, art and other activities, so it’s not just talking

We DO think about the things you are good at and try to help with your worries


What we DO NOT do?

We DO NOT give injections

We DO NOT do operations

We DO NOT criticize you or blame you

We Do NOT tell other children that you are coming here

Useful websites is a web-based resource for young people to find out about mental health difficulties such as anxiety, self-harm, anger and ideas for how to cope. contains some excellent publications that can be downloaded free of charge.  Booklets on ADHD, eating disorders, schizophrenia, self-harm and anxiety offer good information and advice to parents and young people. offers information to young people about mental health and emotional well-being The Healthy Mind section provides information on topics such as anxiety, low mood, bullying, exam stress, eating disorders and self-harm