Occupational Therapy

These services are provided to people who through illness or disability are in need of support or changes to their lifestyle. Occupational Therapists can advise on any changes that may be needed in the home to support a person with special needs, and on activities that will help a person to regain their independence.
Call the OT Department on: (021) 492 3194

Primary Care Paediatric occupational therapy

Anyone can refer to our service with permission from a parent /guardian.  
It is essential that the parent/guardian signs the form. Only referrals using the attached referral form are accepted.

You can request a hardcopy of this form by phoning administration support on 021-4927850.

Primary Care Paediatric Occupational Therapy Referral Form

Please visit the Primary Care Paediatric Occupational Therapy Department website

Speech and Language Therapy

The speech and language therapy service is available to children and adults with developmental or acquired disorders of communication [e.g speech, language, fluency voice} and /or eating, drinking and swallowing disorders. The speech and language therapist assess, diagnoses and manages clients who present with communication disabilities. An open referral system operates in community services, i.e. client or carer may self refer.
Tel: 021 4921601


Community Physiotherapy Services are provided from the Local Health Office, helping people who have suffered an injury or illness to regain their health or mobility through exercise and movement.
To contact the Physiotherapy Service call: (021) 492 3415

Community Paediatric Physiotherapy North and South Lee

Community Paediatric Physiotherapy in North and South Lee is for any babies, toddlers and children aged 0-6 years who need physiotherapy to help improve their movement skills, and so have improved activity and function.


Medical Card holders are entitled to Ophthalmic or Eye Testing Services, which you can access by calling: (021) 492 3868, 492 3869

Community Podiatry Services

Community Podiatry Services are available to patients in North and South Lee who have a clearly identified medical need for treatment.

High risk patients who are at risk of developing serious foot complications due to their underlying medical conditions e.g. Complications of Diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Neurological Complications, Immunosupression etc, will be assessed upon receipt of a valid and detailed referral from their GP, Public Health Nurse or other Health Care Professional.

The Podiatry Service offers a “needs led” service and those with the greatest need will be given priority over all others and will be offered an appointment in order of assessed priority, when our schedule allows.

Application Forms are available from:
Podiatry Secretary
Grattan Street Health Centre
Grattan Street
Tel 021 4921752 Wed/ Thurs Only