Stress Control Classes: Cork, North Lee

The HSE cannot deliver Stress Control classes in the community at present due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Dr Jim White, creator of Stress Control, will therefore live-stream the classes until December 2020, free-of-charge.

All you need to successfully complete this class is to watch each of the 6 sessions, read the booklets and use the relaxation and mindfulness tracks.

All the information about the course can be found on

Stress Control’ is a FREE six-session course run by the HSE Cork Primary Care Psychology Service in community locations such as GAA clubs and family resource centres. ‘Stress Control’ was devised to help the large number of people who experience stress and who are keen to learn how to tackle their problems themselves. It is a lecture format and not therapy so no one will be asked to discuss their personal experience. Each session deals with a separate aspect of stress but they all link together, Booklets are given out at each session.

 What topics are covered?

  • Session 1: Learning about Stress
  • Session 2: Controlling your Body
  • Session 3: Controlling your Thoughts
  • Session 4: Controlling your Actions
  • Session 5: Controlling Panic
  • Session 6: Controlling Sleep problems and Course Review

 Anyone who would like to learn how to deal with Stress over the age of 18 years is welcome.


For more information please e-mail: Check out our Your Good Self programme for more information on emotional well-being

Comments from participants

‘I am not on my own’ / ‘Seeing that a lot of other people are just like me’

‘Everything was relevant over the entire 6 weeks’

‘The course gives good tips to deal with stress now and in the future’

‘The information is very interesting, useful and well presented’