Disability Services in Tipperary South

Children and adults with an Intellectual, Physical or Sensory disability are entitled to the general HSE services and in addition may require specific disability services such as:

  • Specialist assessment and therapeutic services;
  • Respite & home support services;
  • Day or rehabilitative training services;
  • Residential services.

These services may be delivered directly or in partnership with a wide range of voluntary service providers. Initial contact may be made with the Local Health Office at (062) 64902 or (052) 6177357 or 6177275.

Community Assessment and Transitional Living Unit (Slí Eile) - Rehabilitation Service for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury

The service caters for people with an Acquired Brain Injury e.g. as a result of a fall, road traffic accident, assault, anoxia, brain haemorrhage, stroke, tumor or infection of the brain. It is a therapeutic unit that can accommodate up to three people.

Contact details:


Slí Eile,

17 New Toberaheena,

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 6180489

Email: breda.hahessy@hse.ie

Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation (A.B.I) Service / Clonmel A.B.I Day & Outreach Service

The service is for people who are age 18 years or above and who have an Acquired Brain Injury.

An Acquired Brain Injury is as a result of e.g. a fall, road traffic accident, assault, anoxia, brain haemorrhage, stroke, tumour or infection of the brain.

The A.B.I Day and Outreach Service was established in July 2001 as a development of Clonmel's Transitional Living Unit (now called Slí Eile) service for persons with A.B.I.

In the early years of the service, before the present premises were secured, many clients received outreach services from staff without attending a Day Service. In more recent years, the majority of service users attend the Day Service.

The Day & Outreach Service now operate from premises at 14 Hillside Close, Clonmel and is managed by Slí Eile (Transitional Living Unit) services for people with an A.B.I. Two social care staff members are on duty at all times that the centre is open. The service as a whole runs on a 9am to 5pm basis, but individual service users attend only for limited sessions of a few hours' duration. Most service users attend for a single session in a week, but a small number attend more than once a week. The pattern of service use has evolved as the service has developed.

The group of clients scheduled to attend for any particular session is small, usually varying from three to five. Typical activities for a group included quizzes, discussion, board games, computer work, literacy and innumeracy exercises, speech and language exercises, memory exercises, artwork, craftwork, flower arranging and social outings. There is usually a mix of group work and individual work, some service users requiring a higher degree of individual attention and others very little. Levels of ability and types and levels of disability vary greatly from client to client.

Clients make their own transport arrangements to attend the service.

Reasons why clients are considered likely to benefit from Day and Outreach Service attendance include rehabilitation needs, social needs, as a stepping stone to other services and as a support for the client and/or family.

The focus is on the acquisition of skills to help make new adjustments while working in partnership with families and health professionals.

For further information or to make a referral please contact:

Service Manager,

Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Day & Outreach Services

14 Hillside Close,

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 6180990

Email: tlutransitional.living.unit@hse.ie or breda.hahesy@hse.ie

Damien House Services

Damien House Services provides day and residential services to adults with a diagnosis of moderate or severe intellectual disabilities. The service is committed to a person-centred approach, and the provision of a service of excellence.

For further information contact Acting/Director of Nursing, Eadaoin Brennan on telephone number (052) 6177464 or email: Eadaoin.Brennan@hse.ie