Therapy in Tipperary South

Occupational Therapy
These services are provided to people who through illness or disability are in need of support or changes to their lifestyle to enable them to achieve their optimum level of independence. Occupational Therapists can advise on any changes that may be needed in the home, school or work, and on activities or strategies that will help a person to attain maximum independence. Tel: (052) 6122838.

Ophthalmology Services
A full Medical Eye Service is provided by Medical Eye Doctors to eligible people. Medical Card Holders, Diabetics, All Hepatitis C patients are eligible for Adult Services and access is through the G.P or Consultant Hospital Doctor. All Pre-school and Primary children identified with a medical eye problem, are eligible. School Vision Screening targets Children an entry and exit from school. Children are referred to the Medical Eye Services by Public Health Nurse at your Local Health Centre, Area Medical Health Doctor, G.P., Hospital Consultant. Further information Tel: (052) 6177215 / 6177217.

Eye Sight Testing Scheme
The testing of Adults for changes in Spectacles is accessed through the Optometrist/Optician and Medical Card holders are eligible for a regular eye test and change of Spectacles (usually every 2 years). This service is accessed directly through the local Optometrist /Optician.

Speech and Language Therapy
Services are provided for children and adults who present with Speech, Language, Voice or Swallowing Disorders. All children are eligible. Eligible adults are: In-patients in STGH, Post Stroke/Neurological illness, with a Laryngectomy and all Medical Card holders. In addition there is some eligibility to other adult groups as follows: Adults with ENT disorders, ie. Voice Disorders are eligible if they are Primary referrals from Public ENT Consultant clinics held in South Tipperary. Adults with a stammer, if they were in the local SLT service as children are re-admitted as adults. Tel: (052) 6177281

Community Physiotherapy services are provided from the Local Health Office, helping people who have suffered an injury or illness to regain their health or mobility through exercise and movement. Tel: (052) 6177210.