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New Directions logoResumption of adult day services

Day services for adults with disabilities started back in August 2020.

Read more about the framework for starting back and the guidance to support day service providers.

New Directions

New Directions is the HSE's approach to supporting adults with disabilities who use day services in Ireland. New Directions sets out twelve supports that should be available to people with disabilities using 'day services'. It proposes that 'day services' should take the form of individualised outcome-focussed supports to allow adults using those services to live a life of their choosing in accordance with their own wishes, needs and aspirations. There is a structure set up within the nine HSE Community Healthcare Organisations (CHO) nationally to implement New Directions. These CHO New Directions Implementation Groups have representatives from every HSE funded adult day Service Provider within the CHO area.

Watch the video 'Introducing New Directions' to learn more about our services.

Latest updates

eLearning Module for New Directions

The eLearning Module for New Directions - Putting New Directions into Practice was launched on 18th September 2019.  This eLearning module is for all management and frontline staff working in HSE funded Adult Day Services.  It enables the learner to learn about the 12 supports and core values of New Directions, how to apply good practice in services and provide quality supports to people with disabilities.

Interim Standards

In November 2015, the HSE published Interim Standards for New Directions Services and Supports for Adults with Disabilities Report requiring service providers and key stakeholders to involve people with disabilities in the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the services and supports provided.  The Interim Standards aim to be a catalyst for community inclusion and self-determination in the lives of people with disabilities.  They also aim to provide a framework to assist stakeholders to deliver services and supports in accordance with the vision and stated objectives outlined in the New Directions and the Transforming Lives Programme.

Person-Centred Planning Framework Demonstration Project

The Person-Centred Planning Framework is being implemented in Adult Disability Day Services during 2021.  The Webinar Series will support the implementation of the framework - Download the Webinar Series - PCP Framework Implementation - June 2021 Flyer (PDF size 413 KB, 1 Page)

Download the PCP Framework Implementation - March 2021 Flyer (PDF size 503.6 KB, 1 Page) which summarises the background PCP work and the Implementation Plan for 2021.

The HSE published A National Framework for Person-Centred Planning in Services for Persons with a Disability.  This publication supports the target contained in the 2019 HSE Service Plan:- "Implement the person-centred planning framework in four disability day service provider organisations, and review and evaluate the process with a view to wider application."

During 2019 five day service provider organisations agreed to implement the framework as a Demonstration Project - KARE, Brothers of Charity, CoAction, Central Remedial Clinic and HSE Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan and Monaghan.

Read the Person-Centred Planning Framework Demonstration Project report.

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