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'At the end of the day, if I include my perspective in the contents of the web site, if Carol includes items relevant to her situation, and likewise Paul, we can only hope that other people will like it too.' (Áine)

What are the aims of the project?

The aim of this project was to develop a website as a resource for people dealing with mental health problems living in the Dublin West and South West catchment area, in order make it easier for people to see what is on offer and to access locally relevant mental health information.

Project Team

Áine O’Reilly works as an Occupational Therapist in Dublin West and South West Mental Health Services.

Carol O’Brien is a carer of a service user in Dublin West and South West Mental Health Services.

Paul Leavy is a service user of Dublin West and South West Mental Health Services.

As a team, we have worked together for the past year and a half. We successfully completed the DCU course. We all have our own individual strengths and experiences of mental health services, and we all have the common desire to improve the mental health services.

Putting the experience of service users, carers and service providers together and supporting them to make a service improvement has created an energy and a dynamic where new and exciting things can happen. The diversity of knowledge and participatory processes will hopefully be its strength.

How did this website come about?

For the past four years, this service has participated in the Dublin City University 'Cooperative Learning: Service Improvement Leadership for Mental Health Service Users, Carers & Service Providers' programme. This project is the service improvement initiative proposed by one of the teams who have recently completed the course. The project group is made up of service user, carer and service provider.


Contact Details

If you have any enquiries please contact Áine, email aine.oreilly@hse.ie

GENIO grant

The project team received a GENIO grant to support the development of this website.


We didn't do it all by ourselves, thanks so much to:

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  • Neil Cubely


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Art Work

  • Marie Kelly
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  • Maureen Buckley
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  • Sophie (Neil's niece)
  • Aisling Miller (Aine's cousin)
  • Áine O'Reilly
  • Michael Cummins (mental health association)

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