Fownes Ward

Phone 01 4103138 or 01 4162621

Fownes Ward is a mixed admission ward, opened in 1989, in the Jonathan Swift Clinic of St James’s Hospital, Dublin.

What does Fownes offer?

Fownes Ward provides specialist assessment, interventions and treatment for people with mental health problems who need to be admitted to an acute hospital.

What is Fownes Ward like?

It is a comfortable ward which is part of the general hospital. 

There are 26 beds spread over 6 single rooms,  two 6 bed dorms and two 4 bed dorms. You will have a bed, locker and wardrobe. There is a privacy curtain around each bed.

What staff will I meet at the Unit?

We have a Clinical Nurse Manager Two, a Clinical Nurse Manager One, three Staff Nurses, one Nursing Assistant and one Household Staff. You will also will meet the Porter, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists’ and the Pharmacist. There is a chaplaincy service available.

The Irish Advocacy Network work on the Unit at certain times during the week, usually on a Thursday.

You will continue to have contact with members of your local community mental health team during your stay.

What are the meal times?

08.30 am Breakfast

10.30 am Tea

12pm Lunch

3pm Tea

5pm Evening Tea

8.30pm Evening snack

What are the visiting times?

2pm to 4pm

6pm to 8pm

How long can I expect to stay?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long you might be in hospital. However, the length of stay is usually short. As soon as your mental state begins to improve we will refer you to your Community Mental Health Team, Day hospitals or Home.

Contact details

Phone: 01 410 3138