Out Patient Clinic

An Out Patient Clinic is a service for people having mental health difficulties who have already been seen and assessed by the service. It is where the doctors review your progress and make any changes necessary to your treatment

How do I get an appointment?

We’ll give you an appointment after a New Patient Clinic if you need one or following your previous Out Patient Appointment.

Can I get an urgent appointment?

Contact your Local Mental Health Team if you want an urgent appointment.

Who will I see?

You’ll see one of the Doctors. They will review how you are and how you’re responding to your medication. A Key Worker might also be there if necessary.

How often will I be seen in the clinic?

It varies. It’s based on your current needs and will be discussed between you and the doctor with your family and carer involved, if needed.

How long will I have to wait on the day?

It depends on how busy we are on the day of your appointment.

Where do I find out more?

For addresses, opening hours and contact numbers, check Out Patient Clinic in your Local Mental Health area.