Mental Health Engagement Process

The MHER Office seeks to support and guide meaningful engagement and we take a lead from the recently co-created World Health Organisation’s Framework for Engagement.

Meaningful Mental Health Engagement is a respectful, dignified, and equitable process of integrating individuals with lived experience across a range of processes and activities, transferring power to people, valuing lived experience as a form of expertise, and applying this to improve health outcomes.

In our mental health services engagement is a multi-fold process by which

  • service users, family members, and carers engage with their mental health service providers on their individual recovery journeys and beyond.
  • The perspectives of service users, family members, and carers are integrated into the design, development and delivery of improved services.

The HSE is focused on good quality engagement which involves relationships between all people involved with mental health services as well as the feedback process and the accountability structure that acts upon it. It works with recovery education to enhance learning opportunities for people who are interested in meaningful engagement. Mental Health Engagement now is underpinned by a set of principles that have been co-produced by a National Steering Group and understands that engagement exists along a continuum that includes consulting, involving and co-producing with people with lived experience.

Mental Health Engagement Framework 2024-2028 (PDF, size 735.6 KB, 44 pages)

Mental Health Engagement Review Process 2022-2024 (PDF, size 449 KB, 38 pages)

National Contact: Jacopo Villani (Programme Manager)