Sharing the Vision

 The National Office of Mental Health Engagement and Recovery will ensure that all recommendations assigned to it within our national mental health policy Sharing the Vision are implemented appropriately.

Priority Actions:

  • Successfully implemented 11 of the MHER recommendations
  • Worked to embed lived experience across all StV recommendations

Sharing the Vision Recommendations assigned to the MHER Workstream:


Recommendation Text


CMHTs’ outreach and liaison activities with Voluntary and Community Sector partners in the local community should be enhanced to help create a connected network of appropriate supports for each service user and their FCS.


An individualised recovery care plan, co-produced with service users and/or FCS, where appropriate, should be in place for, and accessible to, all users of specialist mental health services.


Further training and support should be put in place to embed a recovery ethos among mental health professionals working in the CMHT as well as those delivering services elsewhere in the continuum of services.


CMHTs and sessional contacts should be located,where possible and appropriate, in a variety of suitable settings in the community, including non-health settings.


The HSE should consult with service users, FCS, staff, and those supporting priority groups to develop a standardised access pathway to timely mental health and related care in line with the individual’s needs and preferences.


The HSE should ensure access to appropriate advocacy supports in all mental health services.


A sustainable funding stream should be developed to ensure agencies can work effectively together to get the best outcomes for the individual using the Individualised Placement Support model, which is an evidence-based, effective method of supporting people with complex mental health difficulties to achieve sustainable, competitive employment where they choose to do so.



The current HSE funding provided for day centres should be reconfigured to provide individualised supports for people with mental health difficulties and be consistent with the New Directions policy.


The HSE should continue to develop, fund and periodically evaluate existing and new peer-led/peerrun services provided to people with mental health difficulties across the country.


Regular surveys of service users and FCS should be independently conducted to inform assessments of performance against PIs and target outcomes in this Sharing the Vision.


Training should be provided for services users and staff on making and dealing with complaints.


Mental health services should make use of other non-mental health community-based physical facilities, which are fit for purpose, to facilitate community involvement and support the implementation of the outcomes in this policy.

 National Contact: Una Twomey (National Senior Project Manager, Mental Health Operations)