Layout of Best Practice Guidance

• Each of the 5 themes contains a number of Aims which are statements of intent reflective of a high quality mental health service.

• Each Aim has a number of Indicators which when met, achieve this Aim.

• Each Indicator is broken down further into a number of features, which if met, demonstrate achievement with the Indicator.

• Within the indicators there are blue boxes which broadly summarise, at a minimum, what the policies and procedures need to include, to meet regulatory and best practice requirements.


In Theme 2 – Effective Care and Support, it is notable that in addition to the above, the Guidance includes six supporting checklists (Appendices 1-6) – three of the checklists (Electro Convulsive Therapy, Mechanical Means of Bodily Restraint and Physical Restraint and Seclusion) are developed in accordance with the Mental Health Commission Rules and Codes of Practice, and the other three checklists (Medication Management, Environment and Infection Control), are based on best practice.