How to self assess

On average, the self-assessment process takes between 9 – 10 months to complete. During this time, the self-assessment team meet on a regular basis – this can be weekly 1 – 2 hour meetings, or monthly, half-day meetings.

To ensure a successful self-assessment, all team members must:

  1. Understand the self-assessment process and their role in it
  2. Discussion
  3. Plan the schedule of self-assessment
  4. Gather evidence from multiple sources
  5. Complete the Guidance Assessment Improvement Tool – GAIT programme
  6. Gather onsite documentation
  7. Rating & risk assessment
  8. Develop Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) / Corrective and Preventative Action Plans (CAPA’s) and report to line manager
  9. Monitor self-assessment process, outcomes and QIPs/CAPA’s