Preparation for self assessment

In order to comprehensively self assess a service, a self assessment team must be established by the management team.

The membership of the self assessment team should reflect the range of people providing integrated care within the service.

Membership should be based on knowledge and experience, not the position people hold within a team or organisation.

Multi-disciplinary self assessment teams may include:

  • Front-line direct and indirect care/service providers and professionals, 
  • organisation leaders, 
  • management, 
  • service users,
  • family and carers, 
  • community partners, 
  • volunteers

Direct and indirect care/services may include such areas as:

  • healthcare assistant staff, 
  • nursing, 
  • psychiatry, 
  • psychology, 
  • pharmacy, 
  • dietician, 
  • pastoral care, 
  • speech and language therapy, 
  • social work, 
  • occupational therapy, 
  • household,
  • catering, 
  • security and administration.