How to self assess

On average, the self assessment process takes between 9 – 10 months to complete. During this time, the self assessment team meet on a regular basis – this can be weekly 1 – 2 hour meetings, or monthly, half-day meetings.

To ensure a successful self assessment, all team members must:

  1. Understand the self assessment process and their role in it
  2. Discussion
  3. Plan the schedule of self assessment
  4. Gather evidence from multiple sources
  5. Complete the Guidance Assessment Improvement Tool – GAIT programme
  6. Gather onsite documentation
  7. Rating & risk assessment
  8. Develop Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) / Corrective and Preventative Action Plans (CAPA’s) and report to line manager
  9. Monitor self assessment process, outcomes and QIPs/CAPA’s