Self assessment teams

Multidisciplinary self assessment teams enable discussion around the quality of mental health services being delivered; they can also assess whether a service has the capacity and capability to be function.

A team lead must be identified within all self assessment team to co-ordinate the process and collate relevant information.

The team lead should be a senior staff member with strong leadership and coordination skills, and an understanding of the quality assessment and improvement process.

The team lead will engage with all relevant staff ensuring participation throughout the process, and be the key link between their service, the management team - through the agreed internal channels identified - and the National Mental Health QSUS team.

Membership of the team is dependent on the size of the service, but we advise all self assessment teams have between 6-8.

The team should consist of:

  • One Consultant Psychiatrist
  • One Service User, carer or family member
  • One Senior Nurse Manager
  • Two to four Health & Social Care Professionals – depending on the service
  • One Site Manager (CNM 2 / CNM 3 / Team Coordinator)
  • One Management / Administration staff member.