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MISI:  MSM Internet Survey Ireland

MISI 2015 Report Findings Published 

The HSE and the Gay Health Network (GHN) launched the Men who have Sex with Men Internet Survey Ireland (MISI 2015) on 10th June 2016 at the 14th Annual Gay Health Forum (GHF14) Dublin Castle.

The MISI 2015 report includes a range of findings on sexual health knowledge, attitudes, needs and behaviour among MSM. It focuses on sexual identity, relationships, HIV status and perception, and HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing. It also reports on sexual behaviours, substance use, access to and use of HIV prevention interventions as well as awareness and impact of health promotion materials designed for MSM.

This internet survey, which was live from March 1st to May 31st 2015, is the largest ever national MSM survey of its kind in Ireland, with 3,090 men included in the analysis. The full report is available here, also available are the Executive Summary, Community Handout Report and Infographic.

We would like to thank all the respondents to and promoters of the survey.  For further information contact in relation to the research reports.

MISI 2015 is the National Survey for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Ireland.  MISI 2015 is a cross-sectoral partnership of statutory organisations and NGOs and voluntary organisations working in the area of HIV prevention and sexual health, consisting of the HSE’s Gay Men’s Health Service (GMHS), Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), and Crisis Pregnancy Programme (CPP), and the Gay Health Network (GHN).  The project is supported by an advisory group of international experts.

MISI is an initiative from HSE services
Gay Men's Health Service
CPP along with Gay Health Network and is part of the HSE & GHN man2man programme.

Download the MISI 2015 protocol and information.

The survey asks about relationships, sex life, behaviours, risks and precautions, and use of health services.  The survey is anonymous and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The last survey of this type was carried out in Ireland in 2010 as part of the European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS).  The findings were used in planning and developing the HSE and Gay Health Network (GHN) Programme and also informed the development of Ireland’s first and forthcoming National Sexual Health Strategy. It is intended that the findings from MISI 2015 will continue to inform service development improvements, information gaps and importantly will allow trends to be tracked over time.


Since 1992 there have been several specific research surveys related to gay and bisexual men and men who have sex with men (MSM) in Ireland. These surveys deal with the sexual behaviour and knowledge of MSM. The resulting information gives us and other sexual health promoters a wealth of information to help plan our work. All these surveys and reports received complete or support funding from the Gay Men's Health Service.


EMIS 2010
The Final Report of the European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men (MSM) Internet Survey (EMIS 2010) was published by the ECDC July 2013.   180,000 MSM from across 38 European Countries responded making it the largest transnational survey ever. Available here  GMHS was the country lead for Ireland and along with GHN was responsible for other EMIS reports.

  • The 1st EMIS Community Report was launched late in 2010 and covers HIV testing and more
  • The 2nd EMIS Community Report Launched in July 2011 was prepared by a team of Collaborating Partners headed by Mick Quinlan, Gay Men's Health Service (GMHS) HSE.

Partners were encouraged to produce National reports and GMHS, the Gay Health Network (GHN) and The Rainbow Project have committed to producing five thematic reports based on the All Ireland Findings from the EMIS Survey.

Men From Afar
Since 2006, GMHS has produced reports on the ethnic and cultural identity of MSM attending at the GMHS clinic. Since 2012 the ethnic background of attendees was charted using the toolkit provided by the National Social Inclusion Office, HSE.  

Since 2000 GMHS, GHN has worked with Sigma Research to produce many comprehensive Gay Men Sex Surveys. Data and final reports are available from Sigma Research or at

“Real Lives 3” Data from the All-Ireland Gay Men’s Sex Survey 2007 and 2008 full report for publication 2012  by GMHS, GHN, Rainbow Project, Sigma Research. Details Data available here and here

“Real Lives 2” – Full report findings from the All-Ireland Gay Men’s Sex Survey 2005 and 2006 published in 2009 published by GMHS, HSE, Rainbow Project, Sigma Research and Centre for Global Health.  Available to download here and here

Real Lives” -findings from the All Ireland gay men’s sex surveys 2003 and 2004 (GMHP, The Rainbow Project, Sigma Research and ARK Queens University 2006).
Full report at and

“Vital Statistics” - findings from the All Ireland gay men’s sex survey 2000 Gay Health Network and Sigma Research 2002. 
Full report at

Men in Prostitution-A qualitative study (O Connor, Quinlan, Wyse GMHP/Europap1997)
PDF from

 Sexual Behaviour of Gay and Bisexual Men in Dublin (1992. EHB)
PDF from

GMHS, The Rainbow Project and Sigma Research carry out the yearly internet surveys Real Lives. Email for details. 


List of GMHS Reports/Papers including other Reports where GMHS involvement

GMHS:     Download the Annual Reports

Gay Men:  Personal Development Courses for gay and bisexual men a Report (GMHP/ECAHB2002) Download here

Our Community, All-Ireland findings from the 2010 European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) man2manreport1.pdf (size 960.6 KB)

Living with HIV, All-Ireland findings from the 2010 European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) man2manreport2.pdf (size 1 MB)

“Spotlight on Young Men’s Health”-promoting health with young men in youth work settings-conference report (NYCI, HPU-DOHC/DOES 2001)

“We Are Here We Are Queer and We Are Not Going Shopping”- A paper on the Health Needs of Gay and Bisexual Men (Quinlan M GMHP/ECAHB2004) Download here 

HIV: HIV Testing in Europe: A Review of Policy and Practice; Country Report for Ireland (Quinlan M 2000)
HIV Our Responsibilities.pdf (size 740.1 KB)

Prostitution: Male Prostitution, What is the Best Approach? – a strategy document for working with males in prostitution in the Eastern Health Board Area & compilation of National and International Reports. (Quinlan M  GMHP/ECAHB 1999).

European Resource Directory on Agencies for Males in Prostitution(ENMP 1999)

ENMP Newsletter (European Network Male Prostitution (ENMP) 2001)

“Such A Taboo” - analysis of service need and service provision for males in prostitution in the Eastern Region (INMP/ECAHB 2001) Download here

Manual: Tips, Tricks and Models of good practice for service providers considering, planning or implementing services for male sex workers(European Network Male Prostitution (ENMP) 2002)

Hidden Stories-male prostitution in Sweden and Northern Europe-Stockholm Conference Documentation (RFSL Malmo 2003)

Migration:            KINDA Ireland 2004 - findings from a qualitative study and interviews with young male migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in relation to sexual orientation and other experiences including selling sex (Carroll D, Quinlan M GMHP/ECAHB 2004) Download here

The Men From Afar: the ethnic profile of men attending the GMHP clinic for the first time 2004 and 2005 (Quinlan M, GMHP 2006)

Sexual Health: Submission for the Review of Services for Sexually Transmitted Infections in the ERHA (Quinlan M GMHP/ECAHB 2000)

Sexual Health Strategy HSE (2005)

The HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) is Ireland's specialist agency for the surveillance of communicable diseases.

Syphilis:    Syphilis Outbreak Reports -Epi-Insight Newsletter- 2001

Interventions for a syphilis outbreak in the ERHA (Epi-Insight newsletter 2002)

Syphilis On-Site Testing in Dublin a Poster Report (HPSC 2003)

The 16th Annual Gay Health Forum Programme