Trust in Care

This policy is about Upholding the Dignity and Welfare of Patient/Clients and the Procedure for ManagingAllegations of Abuse against Staff Members

The health service is committed to promoting the well-being of patients/clients and providing a caring environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. Health service employers are also highly committed to their staff and to providing them with the necessary supervision, support and training to enable them to provide the highest standards of care.

The aim of this Policy is two-fold:
(i) Preventative: to outline the importance of the proper operation of human resource policies in communicating and maintaining high standards of care amongst health service staff;
(ii) Procedural: to ensure proper procedures for reporting suspicions or complaints of abuse and for managing allegations of abuse against health service staff in accordance with natural justice.

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It is acknowledged that health care and social care agencies have a duty of care to their patients/clients that goes beyond their duty as employers and this policy must therefore be accompanied by other safe care policies and statutory guidelines, such as Children First, National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017.