People’s Needs Defining Change – Health Services Change Guide

People's Needs Defining Change and HSCG

We need to change how we do things to help meet our goal of person-centred care. To do this, we have developed an agreed approach to change. We call this the Health Services Change Framework. You will find information about this Framework in the Health Services Change Guide

The Health Services Change Guide

The Health Services Change Guide is a step by step guide that will help you to lead and bring about change. It features helpful and practical advice from practitioners, leaders, service users and staff. You will also find evidence to back-up the approach.

Our focus is on people and culture. This Change Guide works as part of our Human Resource and other service, quality improvement and culture change programmes. In line with our Health Services People Strategy 2015 -2018 all of these programmes are bringing us closer to our goal of delivering person centred care and public value.

People are at the centre of all of our initiatives. The Health Service Change Guide focuses in particular on People’s Need Defining Change. It provides guidance on working with Service Users, Families, Citizens, Communities and Staff to understand their needs better when undertaking change. It can be used at all levels to support managers and staff. It should help us all improve how we bring about change.


The Health Services Change Guide also provides practical support. You will find guidance, templates and resources. You can use these for your needs. In the Change Guide you will find the following:

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