Consultant Appointments Reports

In line with section 57(2) of the Health Act 2004, the functions of Comhairle na nOspidéal, as specified in section 41(1)(b)(i) and (ii) of the Health Act 1970, were transferred to the HSE on 1st January, 2005.

Consultant Staffing Statistics Reports are prepared by the Consultants Division of the Health Service Executive based on information collected and collated from HSE and publicly funded hospitals and services .

The compilation of the consultant statistics is an on-going process which involves regular up-dating and refinement of data. The overall objective is to provide, as far as possible, a comprehensive and accurate reflection of the consultant establishment.

All the statistical information refers to public sector consultant posts only.

Population figures are based on estimated HSE figures from population health.

Explanatory Notes:

Consultant Establishment is defined as the overall total complement of Consultant Applications Advisory Committee (CAAC) approved posts.

Retirement profile is based on consultants retiring at the age of 65.

Quarterly Post Matching Reports 2022

Consultant Workforce Report Q4 Dec 2022

Consultant Workforce Report Q3 Sept 2022

Consultant Workforce Report Q2 June 2022

Consultant Workforce Report Q1 March 2022


Consultant Post Matching Report Q4 2021

Consultant Post Matching Report as at 30th September 2021

Consultant Post Matching Report as at 31 March 2021

Quarterly Consultant Establishment Report

Consultant Establishment Report 31 March 2020

CAAC Annual Reports

Annual CAAC Report 2023 (PDF)

Consultant and NCHD Employment Data Reports

The below report captures and displays details of employment data for both consultants and NCHDs. This report was first published in January 2021 and will be published quarterly.

The consultant and NCHD data contained in the report is extracted from DIME (Doctors Integrated Management E-system). Consultant data relates only to Consultant Applications Advisory Committee (CAAC) approved consultant posts. 

The consultant section of the report outlines consultant data by;

1. Medical discipline

2. Location by hospital group/CHO

3. Tenure

The NCHD section of the report outlines NCHD data by;

1. Clinical site and grade of incumbent

2. NCHD posts by medical discipline and Non Training Scheme Doctors.

Quarterly DIME Employment Data Report 2021

Consultant Workforce Reports

Consultant Workforce Report 2018 (PDF)

National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) provides this report to contribute towards improved workforce planning. This data, held in the Doctors Integrated Management E System (DIME), helps frame discussions regarding the recruitment, retention, replacement, location, and practice arrangements of the Consultant workforce. This report will be published on an annual basis and will help show trends in areas such as workforce growth, gender distribution, age of the workforce and permanent/locum appointments.

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