Facebook Quick Guide, Social Media in the HSE

Note: All Facebook business or organisation pages must be linked to at least one personal account. If you have a personal account already that you wish to use, please go directly to Step 3. If not, please follow the below steps to set up a personal account first.

Go to http://facebook.com and find the sign-up form.

Enter your full namemobile or email confirm mobile/email password. Then use the selecting boxes to chose your date of birth, the radio buttons to select gender and click Sign up.

Now that you have a personal account, you can create a page, using the menu located on the top right corner of your screen.

Upon selecting the type of page, you’ll be asked questions to help fill in the page’s profile, such as: business category, business name.

Double-check the details entered and click Get Started.

Now that you've created a page, you're the administrator and can control the content and settings using the Page Admin Tools.

Facebook layout

Add a Profile Picture

Choose a profile photo that visually represents the HSE brand and fits well in a small space.

Add a Cover Picture

Follow the HSE brand guidelines to help you choose an adequate image for the space (size 828 x 315 px). Try changing the cover photo seasonally or when new events or campaigns are happening.

Add a Button

Make it easy for people to take specific actions. Choose whether you'd like people to call HSE, send a message or go to a certain area of the website.

Add a Short Description

A short description helps people know what the page is about, and it appears in search results when people look for HSE online.