Programme Progress

The Integrated Care Programme for Patient Flow is progressing a number of workstreams in 2017.

National Patient Flow Improvement Programme

This Proof of Concept Programme commenced in GUH and UHL in 2016 and aims to successfully test, implement and spread an operations management, best evidence based practice approach to optimise throughput and improve patient flow. An essential element of this programme is building a sustainable infrastructure and education programme to enable skill and knowledge transfer,including operations management and change management techniques and tools.

This three-year programme is jointly sponsored by the HSE Acute Hospitals Division and Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division and is closely aligned with the work of the Special Delivery Unit (SDU). While the initial focus of this work is in the acute hospital system; the vision, aims and programme of work acknowledges the importance of a true whole system approach across acute, primary, community health, mental health and social care settings, understanding these flows and their interdependencies in relation to improving patient flow. The Integrated Care Programme for Patient Flow is supporting the phased roll out of this programme across the HSE. The outputs of this programme will inform the broader ICP Patient Flow framework.

Theatre Quality Improvement Programme (TQIP): The ICP Patient Flow programme is supporting the collaboration with the RCSI’s Quality & Process Improvement Centre (QPIC), National Clinical Programme in Surgery, National Clinical Programme for Anaesthesia and the HSE Quality Improvement Division to implement TQIP in selected sites, with the aim of facilitating sustainable improvements in theatre efficiency.

Targeted initiatives to improve discharge planning and processes:

  • Criteria Led Discharge (CLD), developing a national approach to Implementation: CLD has been demonstrated as an effective interdisciplinary patient flow quality improvement tool in Australia and NHS Scotland. It is led by the National Clinical Programme for Rehabilitation Medicine and supported by the National Clinical Programme for Critical Care.
  • Integrated Spinal cord injury pathway: this initiative will develop and begin implementation of an integrated care pathway for spinal cord injury patients particularly those requiring ventilation, involving the NSIU MMUH, NRH rehabilitation services, disability services and long term care as a model for complex discharge planning and processes. It is supported by the National Clinical Programme for Critical Care and the National Clinical Programme for Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Early Supported Discharge (ESD) Stroke Programme:  The Integrated Care Programme Patient Flow and National Clinical Programme for Stroke have agreed to work collaboratively to support expansion of the Early Support Discharge Stroke Programme in 2017.  This involves increasing the staffing in three existing ESD Stroke teams and developing two new teams.