The National Clinical Programme for Stroke (NCPS) commenced in early 2010.  The mission of the programme is to shape the delivery of better care through better use of resources.  The vision is to design standardised models for the delivery of integrated clinical care and to embed sustained clinical operational management of the integrated pathway.

The NCPS aims to improve access to and quality and cost-effectiveness of stroke services. 

  1. Access to acute stroke treatment has been improved through the wider availability of stroke thrombolysis, increased provision of stroke units, provision of funding for diagnostics to support secondary prevention (Transient Ischaemic Attack or mini-stroke) and the development of early supported discharge services. 
  2. Quality objectives are achieved through the development of a governance structure (nationally and locally) and the implementation of a stroke register to monitor the process and outcome of care for the patient. 
  3. Cost objectives are being achieved by more targeted use of resources and decreased length of stay.