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Acute Medicine

The Acute Medicine Programme is a clinical-led initiative between the HSE’s Directorate of Clinical Strategy and Programmes, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI), the Irish Association of Directors of Nursing and Midwifery (IADNAM) and the Therapy Professions Committee.

Programme Aims

The overarching aims of the National Acute Medicine Programme are to ensure that all acute medical patients have a better patient experience with improved communication receiving safe, quality care with timely diagnosis with the correct treatment in an appropriate environment.

Programme Objectives

  • To improve quality of care and patient safety – patients are seen by a senior decision maker within one hour
  • To improve access by ensuring that the patient journey does not exceed six hours
  • To eliminate trolley waits for medical patients
  • To reduce cost and increase value by bed day savings – reduced overnight admissions and shortened lengths of stay
  • Increase the throughput of acute medical patients through the AMAU/,MAU diverting them away from overcrowded EDs to alleviate trolley waits
  • Expedited diagnostic tests are essential to achieving the programme objectives
Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division