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Resources and Education for Health Care Professionals (HCPs)

The National Clinical Programme for Asthma has developed an education and training plan for health care professionals, to ensure that all asthma care is guideline concordant care and to assist staff to empower people to monitor and manage their asthma more effectively.  Initial target groups are staff in Emergency Departments, Out of Hours Services and Practice Nurses.

Two programmes of education and clinical development have been developed.

  • The E-Learning programme on and offers health care professionals (HCPs) an opportunity to enhance their theoretical knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis and management of asthma.
  • The clinical workshops offer staff an opportunity to improve skills in the effective use of inhalers, peak flow monitors and asthma management plans. These workshops are currently delivered by respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) where available at the request of local staff.

For asthma patient resources contact follow the Asthma Society:

Asthma Society of Ireland

42-43 Amiens Street, Dublin 1

Phone:  01 817 8886

Adviceline:  1800 44 54 64





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