Community Healthcare Organisations Finance

Nine Community Healthcare Organisations (CHOs) deliver services outside of the acute hospital system and include primary care, social care, mental health, and health and wellbeing services. These services are delivered through the HSE and its funded agencies to people in local communities.

Each CHO has a Head of Finance (HOF), who is part of the CHO Management Team.

CHO Heads of Finance are supported by local finance teams who report directly to service management.                                                                        

CHO Finance has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that the CHO Management Team has access to expert financial advice and decision support.
  • Supporting managers in developing best value operational plans to maximise use of resources to provide patient services.
  • Reviewing and improving internal financial controls within the CHO.
  • Providing analysis and commentary on the financial performance of the CHO, including information on the financial challenges the CHO faces.
  • Developing and monitoring CHO cost containment and breakeven plans.
  • Supporting the annual estimates, service planning, and budgeting processes for the CHO.
  • Supporting the implementation of the finance reform and the wider reform agenda.
  • Developing the effectiveness of the CHO finance function. 

CHO Area 1 - 9 Map