Hospital Groups Finance

All 47 public hospitals, both statutory and voluntary, are now organised into seven Hospital Groups.

Each Hospital Group (HG) has a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who is part of a HG Management Team.

HG CFOs and their finance teams work directly with existing Senior Finance Managers and their teams in hospitals to gain a better understanding of current and projected financial performance.

Hospital Group Finance has the following responsibilities:

  • Assisting both the Hospital and HG Management teams to gain a better understanding of the financial challenges faced by each Hospital / HG and to report on the financial performance of each Hospital / HG to the HG CEO and Executive Management Team.
  • Working closely with ACFO Acute Hospitals Finance to monitor the financial performance of the HG and explain any divergence from the Service Plan.
  • Assisting in the development and monitoring of cost containment and breakeven plans for the hospitals within the HG.
  • Working with the HG Management team in delivering the Annual Service Plan having regard for the finance priorities.
  • Maintaining and developing a system of internal financial controls to ensure budgetary control and accountability.
  • Developing a financial strategy for the HG’s in terms of financial planning, project appraisal etc.
  • Allocating budgets across the hospitals within the HG.  

Hospital Group Map