National Ambulance Service Finance

National Ambulance Service (NAS) Finance has overall responsibility for monthly reporting, financial control, and financial governance for the NAS.

NAS Finance has the following responsibilities:  

  • Supporting the annual estimates, service planning and budgeting processes for the NAS.
  • Keeping NAS management informed of all finance issues.
  • Ensuring compliance with the National Financial Regulations across the NAS.
  • Preparing National Control Centre Project finance reports.
  • Providing capital reports for the NAS.
  • Preparing and analysing a monthly consolidated national revenue report for the NAS.
  • Developing and analysing additional monthly area reports for the NAS.
  • Supporting the costing of business cases for any new NAS initiatives or service level agreements with internal or external parties.
  • Preparing and approving any capital reports for the NAS.

NAS Financial Controller - Antoinette O’Leary