Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Improved Health Outcomes

We aim to help people with issues relating to substance misuse, to achieve improved health outcomes. We are responsible for delivering a wide range of national policy objectives as outlined in the Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery: “A health-led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland” – 2017 – 2025. We particularly focus on:

  • early intervention;
  • treatment; and
  • rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation emerged as a key issue in the previous National Drugs Strategy (2001-2008).

Arising from this, we set up a working group and the Report of the Working Group on Drugs Rehabilitation 2007 was produced. It mapped out rehabilitation policy and a strategy for integrated drugs rehabilitation services.

We set up the National Drug Rehabilitation Implementation Committee (NDRIC) to oversee putting the report in place.

National Drug Rehabilitation Implementation Committee

We set up the National Drug Rehabilitation Implementation Committee (NDRIC) to oversee putting in place the recommendations of the Report of the Working Group on Drugs Rehabilitation 2007.

The NDRIC is an inter-agency committee that reports to the Oversight Forum on Drugs, chaired by the HSE Senior Rehabilitation Coordinator. The NDRIC includes representatives from relevant stakeholder departments, agencies and sectors.

Rehabilitation Framework

NDRIC developed the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework in 2010 to provide “...a framework through which service providers will ensure that individuals affected by drug misuse are offered a range of integrated options tailored to meet their needs and create for them an individual rehabilitation pathway”.

In 2011, 10 sites piloted the rehabilitation framework. They did this so their experience could be used when the national framework was put in place. The pilot schemes used the National Protocols and Common Assessment Guidelines.

Evaluation of Rehabilitation Pilot

In November 2013, the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at Trinity College, Dublin, conducted an Evaluation Report of the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework Pilot. The evaluation assessed the quality and effects of the Framework and examined how useful people felt the Framework tools were.

The quality of the Framework tested well. The evaluation found that there was near universal enthusiasm for the Framework. People were optimistic that its aims could be achieved if commitments to the Framework were shared by all agencies.

                                                                                 Evaluation Report

Online Resource Library

NDRIC is now promoting national participation in the rollout of the Framework with local and regional drugs and alcohol task forces and relevant services. An Online Resource Library of templates and policies can be accessed on These tools were developed by some of the sites that engaged in the national pilot to put in place the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework.

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To find a service in your area, use the National Directory of Drug and Alcohol Services on You can download a list of Drug and Alcohol Task Force funded services here.