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HSE Multilingual Resources and Translated Information

Covid 19 image

Translated resources for Coronavirus for Vulnerable Groups can be found at the following links

Covid-19 Sharing Resources Migrant Health

Roma Covid-19 Sharing Resources



COVID-19 Vaccination information translated resources can be found at the following link

COVID-19 Vaccine Translated materials and videos 

The COVID Tracker app is available in a number of languages

To support the uptake of the COVID Tracker app, we have developed translated videos. You can access the videos in Arabic, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese on the HSE YouTube channel.


About the Irish Health Service

The guide is in three parts;

Part 1 gives information on how to access different types of health care, the services that are free and how the GP, Pharmacy and hospital systems work.

Part 2 gives information about specialist services (dental treatments, eye tests, hearing aids, vaccinations) and some of the staff you may meet in the health system.

Part 3 advises what to do in an emergency.

Available in: English, English/Albanian, English/Arabic, English/Bulgarian, English/Farsi, English/French, English/Georgian, English/Kurdish, English/Pashto, English/Polish, English/Portuguese, English/Romanian, English/Somali, English/Spanish, English/Urdu.

       Cover NIHS2

Second National Intercultural Health Strategy Executive Summary

Available in English, Irish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian

   healthconnect image


A multilingual website which provides information on health services in Ireland including GP Practices, hospitals, maternity and women's health and mental health. Available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Polish. Click healthconnect.ie 

cervical check_

Multilingual CervicalCheck information videos - for participants and healthcare professionals

The National Screening Service has teamed up with Translate Ireland to produce multilingual video messages for migrants on CervicalCheck screening. The video messages are available in Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, English, Romanian, Russian, French, Urdu, Spanish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Slovak and are available here

  myoptions image

Unplanned Pregnancy support services

Interpreters can be provided in 240 languages. This service is free and confidential. Freephone 1800828010. You or someone on your behalf will need to tell us what language you speak and give us a phone number. An interpreter will then phone you back for a 3-way call between you, a MyOptions counsellor and the interpreter. 


        postnatal depression image

Postnatal Depression 

Information for mothers, family and friends. Available in 

English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish

        myoptions telephone helpline image

My Options - HSE Unplanned Pregnancy Telephone Helpline Leaflet

My Options is a free phone helpline that provides confidential counselling to people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Available in

English, Albanian, Arabic, BanglaChineseFrenchPortuguese, Russian, Spanish

measles info poster image

Measles information poster 

Available in English, Dari, Latvian, Pashto, Polish, Arabic

   Multilingual Aid

Multilingual Aid

This aid helps health staff to communicate more effectively with patients. It is intended for use prior to asking for the services of an interpreter or while waiting for the interpreter to arrive. This is available in: 

Arabic, Bosnian, ChineseCzechFrenchGerman,
Hungarian, IrishLatvianLithuanianMandarinPashtuPolish,
PortugueseRomanianRussianSlovakSpanishSomali, and Urdu.

pharmacy aid

I need to see the Pharmacist translation aid 

A basic aid to assist in visiting the pharmacist in English/Arabic

     image asthma

Asthma Education Resources for Minority Groups

1. Top Tips for Asthma Management

Leaflet available in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Iberian PortugueseEnglish, French, Georgian, Pasto and Romanian

The video is available in Arabic, Brazilian PortugueseEnglish, French, GeorgianPashto and Romanian.

English script of the video is available here.

2. 5 Step Rule animated video

An educational ‘5 Step Rule’ animation video outlines what an asthma attack is and what to do if someone is experiencing an attack.

This video is available in Romanian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, English, French, Georgian and Pashto.

English script of the video's is available here


Top tips for managing Asthma leaflet available in 

English, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Georgian, Pashto, Portuguese, Romanian

      A guide to quitting smoking image

Quit Smoking


The guide gives practical tips and advice on how to prepare to QUIT, how to make a QUIT plan, and how to get support when quitting.

The HSE’s QUIT smoking campaign booklet has been translated into Irish, Spanish, French, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Portuguese and Arabic.   

Constipation Treatment Protocol 

Available in English and Arabic

Cervical Check Leaflet

Available in English and Arabic

Health Eating and Weight Management Treatment Protocol

Available in English and Arabic

         Registering a Birth

Registering a birth in Ireland

This booklet outlines how to register the birth of a baby and gives contact details for Civil Registration Service offices nationwide. Click on the image for links to:
English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian
Polish and Romanian.

      Pregnant rediology

Radiology (X-Ray) Pregnancy Poster

Multilingual (many languages) poster asking people to let the Radiographer (person who performs an x-ray) know when you are pregnant. Click on the image to view the poster.


Mychild.ie My Pregnancy booklet

mychild.ie My Pregnancy booklet is available in English/Arabic


Mychild.ie booklet 0-2 year olds

The Mychild.ie booklet for 0-2 year old's is available in English/Arbaic


Mychild.ie booklet 2-5 year olds

The Mychild.ie booklet for 2-5 year old's is available in English/Arabic

         Whooping cough image

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) in pregnancy 

Leaflet translated into English, Irish, French, German, Arabic, simplified Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese and Lithuanian at the following link


          heel prick screen image

Heel Prick Screening - what it is

Heel prick screening – also known as 'newborn bloodspot screening' – checks for 8 rare but serious conditions in babies. Screening is strongly recommended.

Link to information leaflet below in Arabic, simplified Chinese, French, German, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

Heel Prick Screening what it is

Your Health Guide

Your Health Guide

This is an introduction to how the Irish Health Service works. It gives you information about how to:

  • use Irish hospitals;
  • get your children immunised;
  • apply for a Medical Card; and
  • a range of other services.

Click on the image for links to:
Arabic, Mandarin, Czech, French, Lithuanian, Latvian,
Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

  Self Care Diabete

Self-care guide for people with diabetes

This booklet has been developed to:
• help answer your questions about diabetes;
• explain the different types of diabetes; and
• outline how you can effectively manage your diabetes.

Click on the image for links to:
French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Mandarin and 

       School health service image

School Health Service

Information booklet for parents/guardians of Primary School Children in English/Arabic

         Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation? A guide for HSE staff

Lost in Translation? Good Practice Guidelines for HSE Staff in Planning, Managing and Assuring Quality Translations of Health Related Material and Other Languages.

Click on the image for the full document.

       Intercultural Guide

Health Services Intercultural Guide

Health Services Intercultural Guide: Responding to the needs of diverse religious communities and cultures in healthcare settings.

This is a resource to help health-care professionsals to care for patients from diverse ethnic, religious and cultural groups. It is also available as an app - Understand me - free of charge from Google Play.

An app is a piece of software that can be used on a mobile phone, tablet or sometimes a computer. You can get more information about this app in Communicate your health mobile apps.

          Immunisation image.jpg.

Immunisation translations

Information about childhood, school and adult vaccinations can be downloaded in the following languages:

English, Irish, French, Polish, German, Arabic, simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Slovak.


Flu vaccine winter 2020/2021

The HSE has launched a flu vaccine campaign and produced leaflets for 1) At Risk Groups 2) Pregnancy 3) Healthcare workers and 4) Children aged 2 to 12

The 4 leaflets are available in English, Irish, Arabic, simplified Chinese, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Lithuanian at the following link


There are also video's available in Urdu, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Mandarin, French, Arabic available at 


Immunisation Calendar for Romanian Roma

Immunisation Calendar for Romanian Roma developed by the Waterford and Wexford Roma Health Projects managed by Waterford and South Tipperary Community Youth Services and the Ferns Diocesan Youth Service; supported by HSE Social Inclusion and the Department of Public Health, South East Community Health Care in collaboration with the National Immunisation Office. The calendar is available in English and Romanian.

The Immunistion Calendar was designed to accompany HSE information on vaccinations.

Childhood Diseases

Leaflets developed by the Waterford and Wexford Roma Health Projects managed by the Integration and Support Unit and the Ferns Diocesan Youth Service; supported by HSE Social Inclusion and the Department of Public Health, Community Healthcare Organisation Area 5. The leaflet is available in English and Romanian.

The Childhood Diseases leaflet was designed to accompany HSE information on vaccinations.

Diabetes Information

Diabetes information in Arabic and English

Scabies Treatment Leaflet 

This leaflet is in English/Arabic

Do you know how to take this medicine?

A leaflet giving standard medicine measurements in English and Arabic can be accessed here.

    pathways to being well

Pathways To Being Well 

Mental Health Guide for Ethnic Minorities in Ireland can be downloaded in 

English   Arabic   Chinese   French  Lithuanian  Polish   Romanian  Russian. To order hard copies please contact mentalhealth@cairde.ie

Cairde develops culturally appropriate information materials about health and health services in Ireland. Some are available in various languages. To access these resouces, you can visit the Cairde website here

STI image english

HSE's Your Guide to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI'S) 

Available in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish 

HIV images

HIV Treatment leaflets 

The HSE's Sexual Health and Wellbeing Department have treatment leaflets in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Their Prep information leaflet is also available in Portuguese. All are available to download here 

What is TB?Information Leaflets

Tuberculosis (TB)

HSE patient information leaflets on TB are available in 14 languages – English, Irish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian and Spanish. The leaflets are produced by the Public Health TB Control Group from Regional Departments of Public Health and available to access here.

hpsc logo

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B information leaflets are available from the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian. To access these leaflets, please click here.

National Cervical Screening Programme

National Cervical Screening Programme

An information leaflet for women on the smear test is available on the CervicalCheck website in the following languages: Arabic, Latvian, Romanian, French, Lithuanian, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Irish and Polish.


Domestic Violence

A poster developed by Hill Street Family Resource Centre (Dublin) is available in:

English         Arabic            Chinese          French

Hindi             Polish            Romanian         Russian

Your service your say image.jpg

Your Service Your Say

Your feedback matters. it helps us to improve our services. If you have a comment, compliment or complaint, please let us know. Information leaflets are available in 9 languages:

Arabic         Brazilian       Chinese     English       French

German        Irish        Polish      Romanian       Russian

image LGBTI

BelonGTo Youth Services Online Hub

Within the online hub, helpful advice and tips can be found about issues of mental and physical health, relationships, understanding sexuality and gender identity, coming out and more.

This resource is for LGBTI+ young people seeking advice and guidance with information available in French, Polish, Lithuanian, Arabic and Urdu. Please click here to access