This website includes resources and guidance to support good practice in dementia care. 

It is a tool for Health and Social Care Professionals to assist them in supporting people living with dementia and their families.

Dementia Pathways complements understandtogether.ie, an online resource for the general public offering information, service sign-posting, and advice on dementia.

There are 64,142 people currently living with dementia in Ireland. With age being the leading risk factor for dementia, this number is expected to rise alongside population ageing to 150,131 by 2045. People living with dementia will require care and support across different care settings. This can also be true for their care partners. The prevalence data below indicates the estimated proportion of the Irish Population that is currently living with dementia. It also projects what this number will increase to by 2045. These figures are based on Central Statistical Office Census data 2016 and were generated by HealthAtlas, HSE.

Framework and Model of Care