MMR vaccine Catch-up Programme

The MMR vaccine catch-up programme is for some children who did not get the MMR vaccine when it was offered to them when they were 12 months old, or age 4-5 years old in junior infants.

Who can get the MMR vaccine now?

If your child is aged between 14 months and 10 years old, and has missed one or both of their MMR vaccines, they are eligible to receive these vaccines now.

How do I access the MMR vaccine for my child?

You can contact your GP surgery and ask if they are offering MMR catch-up vaccinations at this time. If they are offering MMR catch-up vaccinations, you can book your child in with their GP to get the vaccine. The vaccine is free. Your child may need one or two doses of the vaccine to be fully vaccinated.

How many vaccines will my child need?

If your child has never received the MMR vaccine, they will need two doses of the MMR vaccine, one dose now and another dose after a month.

If your child received one dose of MMR vaccine in the past, they will need one dose of the MMR vaccine, a month or longer after the last dose.

If your child has already received two MMR vaccines, they will not need another MMR vaccine dose.

Why is vaccination important?

The MMR vaccine protects against the measles, mumps and rubella viruses. Measles is a viral infection and is very contagious. Measles infection can cause serious complications in children, pregnant women and the immunocompromised. There have been an increase in measles cases internationally and in Europe. In August 2023, there were a small number of measles cases reported in Ireland, the first outbreak since 2019. The MMR vaccine provides the best protection against catching measles and preventing outbreaks. If 95 out of 100 people, got the two MMR injections, this would prevent measles outbreaks.


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This page was added on 15 November 2023