MMR vaccine Catch-up Programme

Measles is a highly infectious disease that can cause serious complications, particularly in children under the age of 12 months, pregnant women, and the immunosuppressed.

Measles cases are rising internationally and already this year in Europe there have been more cases of measles reported than in the whole of 2022. In August 2023 the HPSC reported a small number of cases of measles in Ireland, the first outbreak since 2019.

According to HPSC 2023 data, uptake rate for MMR1 and MMR2 is <90%, which is below the 95% recommended by WHO.Prior to 2023, MMR uptake was previously below 90% in 2008. In addition, approximately, 10% of children from each birth cohort may be missing one or two doses of MMR, based on HPSC uptake statistics from 2016-2021.


There is an opportunity for eligible people to get their MMR vaccine. The HSE is providing MMR Catch Up Vaccination Clinics across the country or eligible people can visit their GP to get vaccinated.

Information for vaccinators is available on our dedicated webpage. 



This page was updated on 26 March 2024