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The hospital provides treatment in conditions of high, medium and low security. Patients come from either the prisons, the courts (either having been referred for assessment or having been found unfit to be tried or not guilty by reason of insanity) or from local psychiatric hospitals. Intensive psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation are provided in a structured therapeutic environment by consultant-led multidisciplinary teams. The hospital is fully accredited for training purposes by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It functions very much as a hospital which provides asylum for its patients, many of whom, for one reason or another, have lost contact with their local psychiatric services. We have a wide range of health professionals in out multi-disciplinary teams as well as additional service staff members. Please see the below tabs for descriptions of the various careers in each.

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There is an induction period of training for all staff when they enter the NFMHS staff group. This training may include but is not limited to: Manual Handling, Breakaway Training, Medication Management

Induction Modules

During the orientation to the NFMHS all staff will undergo a set of induction modules. Some of these will be standard modules for working in the Forensic Mental Health setting and others will be specific to the area in which you will be working e.g. FCAMHS