NFMHS: Families and Carers


There will be visiting rooms on the units and other areas of the campus. These rooms will accommodate family visits for patients where possible. Many will be equipped with armchairs, coffee tables and beverage facilities to accommodate visits and provide patients and visitors with an opportunity to enjoy their time together.

Child visits (for anyone under 18) can be accommodated in specially designated rooms within the main reception building. The room will be designed to be child and family friendly affording the opportunity for patients and family to enjoy visits together.

Carer’s Group

The Central Mental Hospital Carers’ Group is a voluntary group providing support for people who have loved ones in the Central Mental Hospital. The members of the Carers’ Group are relatives and friends of those being treated by the National Forensic Mental Health Service.

They provide support to each other, working with the hospital management and staff to enhance the care of their loved ones in the hospital.

They also seek to promote the needs of carers and service users within the National Forensic Mental Health Service. 

Our Carers’ Group meets virtually on a monthly basis on the first Saturday of the month. If you have any carer related queries please contact

If you are interested in joining a meeting, please contact your social worker in the NFMHS.

NFMHS Carer’s Group Meetings in 2021:  

  •  Saturday 6 February (AGM)
  •  Saturday 6 March
  •  Saturday 10 April (Meeting with NFMHS Management Team)
  •  Saturday 8 May
  •  Saturday 12 June
  •  Saturday 3 July
  •  Saturday 7 August (Meeting to be agreed at July's Meeting)
  •  Saturday 4 September
  •  Saturday 2 October
  •  Saturday 6 November
  •  Saturday 4 December

Support Groups

Here in the NFMHS, we work closely with a number of support groups to bring a balanced and holistic approach to their care.

See the following links for some of the key support groups that we regularly work with.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Irish Advocacy Network

National support for people affected by mental illness


See the following links for some supporting information:

HSE Mental Health Services

Mental Health Ireland

Mental Health Commission

Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board