Occupational Therapy for Children

What is Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational Therapy for Children focuses on the development of skills for life. The goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable the child to perform functional tasks and activities at home, in school and the community.

Developing and mastering skills in everyday self-care, school and leisure activities such as dressing, eating, handwriting and riding a bike can enhance a child’s self-confidence and independence.

Who we see

  • Children referred before their 13th birthday.
  • Children living in HSE Dublin North West (Dublin 7, Dublin 11, Dublin 15).
  • Children who are experiencing difficulty with their daily living skills as a result of motor skill or sensory difficulties.
  • If your child is attending or on a waiting list for the following services, it has been determined that a multi-disciplinary team-based service best suits your child’s needs and they will not be seen in Primary Care;
  • Early Intervention Team (EIT)
  • School-Aged Disability Team
  • Daughters of Charity, St Vincent’s Centre
  • Central Remedial Clinic (CRC)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Beechpark Autism Services
  • ASD Unit in School

What to expect

  1. When a referral is accepted Parents / Guardians will be invited to an information session. You will learn more about the service and develop a greater understanding of why your child may be experiencing difficulties. You must attend this information session. 
  2. Following attendance at the information session, your child will be waitlisted for a clinic-based assessment. Further assessment may be required. This will be discussed with you and may include clinic or school-based assessments.
  3. Family-centred goals for therapy are identified. Intervention to achieve these goals is offered through:
  • Home / School-based programmes
  • Activity ideas and strategies
  • Parent workshops and education sessions

Other services we provide

Parent Advice Clinic

Available to Parents / Guardians when their child is on the waiting list for Primary Care Occupational Therapy.
Parents / Guardians can meet with an Occupational Therapist for 30 minutes, to get ideas and strategies to support the development of a specific skill area, e.g., handwriting or dressing skills, organisation. 

Teacher Education sessions

All staff in primary schools within Dublin North West are invited to attend Occupational Therapy teacher education sessions.  These sessions are facilitated four times yearly depending on staffing. These sessions provide teachers with a greater understanding of the impact of motor and sensory difficulties in the classroom.
Teachers are provided with practical strategies and resource pack to support children with motor and sensory difficulties in school.  


Corduff Primary Care Centre (for those living in Dublin 15)

Blackcourt Road


Dublin 15 


Grangegorman Primary Care Centre (for those living in Dublin 7 and Dublin 11)

Grangegorman Upper Road,

Dublin 7


Cost of service

There is no cost to see a Primary Care Occupational Therapist. Our service is free.

Making a referral 

Anyone can refer to our service, with permission from parent/guardian.

All referrals should be on the Primary Care PCT Referral form and sent to the Central Referral Office by email, fax or post. You can get this form by printing from here PCT Referral Form, by calling into your local health centre.

Referral forms must be filled out in full with all relevant information included. Please note that incomplete referrals will not be accepted and will be returned to the referral source.

Parents/Guardians need to sign the referral form.

We recommend including any previous assessment reports, school reports or other relevant supplementary information to support the referral.