Speech and Language Therapy (Children)

What we do

The Speech and Language Therapy Department in Dublin North West provide services to children who present with speech, language, voice, fluency and social communication difficulties.

Who we see

We see children aged 0 to 18 years, who have speech or language difficulties as their primary need.

We see children who live in our catchment area of ‘Dublin North City & County – North West Dublin’. This area generally covers Dublin 7, Dublin 11 and Dublin 15.

Children who may benefit from speech & language therapy may have some of the following needs:

  • Speech: difficulty making speech sounds
  • Language: difficulty understanding and/or using words and sentences
  • Stammering or Stuttering: difficulty with fluent speech (getting stuck on words)
  • Voice: hoarseness or loss of voice (Talk to your G.P. about a referral to the E.N.T. Department also)
  • Social communication: difficulty with using language appropriately and following the rules of conversation

We do not have a feeding, eating, drinking and swallowing service for children.

We do not treat reading or writing difficulties. For more information contact the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.

The Children’s Disability Network Team may be more suitable for children with communication difficulties which are part of a more significant difficulty (e.g. Intellectual Disability, Autism). This is because their needs may be better met by a team of health professionals working together. 

An Assessment of Need as outlined in the Disability Act 2005 will identify your child's health needs and what services are required to meet your child’s needs. Further information can be found here: Assessing your child's need under the Disability Act 2005.

Where we are based

We see children who live in our catchment area of ‘Dublin North City & County – North West Dublin’.

This area generally covers Dublin 7, Dublin 11 and Dublin 15.

Primary Care Speech & Language Therapy in Finglas / Glasnevin (North)

Wellmount Health Centre

Wellmount Park, Finglas, Dublin 11

Phone: 01 856 7700

Primary Care Speech & Language Therapy in Cabra/ Ashtown / Grangegorman / Navan Road

Navan Road Primary Care Centre,

Navan Road, Dublin 7

Phone: 01 868 6800 

Primary Care Speech & Language Therapy in Ongar / Mulhuddart / Blakestown / Blanchardstown

Blanchardstown Primary Care Centre, Grove Court, Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Phone:01 829 7233

Primary Care Speech & Language Therapy in Corduff / The Ward / Tyrrelstown / Hollystown

Corduff Primary Care Centre, Blackcourt Road, Dublin 15

Phone: 01 646 4504

Primary Care Speech & Language Therapy in Hartstown / Huntstown / Clonsilla / Littlepace

Hartstown Health Centre, Cherryfield Lawns, Hartstown, Dublin 15

Phone: 01 866 2800

Primary Care Speech & Language Therapy in Carpenterstown / Laurel Lodge / Castleknock / Roselawn

Roselawn Health Centre, Roselawn Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15

Phone: 01 646 4504

Cost of Service

There is no cost to see the Speech & Language Therapist. Our service is free.

Making a Referral

  • Parents/guardians or anyone with permission from parents/guardians, can refer to our service.
  • Referral forms must be filled out in full with all relevant information included. Please note that incomplete referrals will not be accepted and will be returned to the referral source.
  • It is important for the parent/guardian to sign the form.

All referrals should be on the Primary Care ‘PCT Referral Form’ and sent to the Central Referral Office by email, fax or post.

You can get this form by printing from here PCT Referral Form (docx) or by contacting your local health centre. We recommend completing an additional information form to support all referrals.


Appointments are made directly with the Speech and Language Therapy Department. A parent/guardian must attend with their child and remain for the duration of the appointment.  

First your child will be offered an assessment appointment. The aim of the assessment appointment is to find out your child’s communication strengths and needs and to share some ideas for how you can help your child. An assessment appointment will take approximately 1 hour. We will speak with you about your child and their communication. We may do some assessments with your child. Assessment will be through play or by showing pictures and talk about them. This will depend on your child’s abilities. We may play some games also.

If your child requires therapy, they will placed on a waitlist for a block of therapy. When they are due to be seen, we will contact and offer you appointments. The type of therapy you will be offered will be based on your child’s needs. Therapy may be:

  • Parent training sessions
  • Individual sessions with your child or
  • Group session with other children who have similar needs.

Therapy appointments will take approximately 40 minutes. The goals for therapy will be agreed between you and your Speech and Language Therapist. We will complete activities and games with you and your child. Therapy activities will be through play or table top work based on your child’s needs.


  • If for any reason you cannot attend your appointment, we request that parents/guardians give at least 24 hours' notice if they need to cancel an appointment. This means that the appointment may be offered to another child on the waiting list.
  • If you do not attend appointments without giving prior notice, you may not be offered further appointments. If you have missed an appointment, please contact the clinic as soon as possible.
  • If you are running late for an appointment, please contact the clinic directly. Please note, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, it may not be possible to proceed with the appointment.

Useful links and websites

General advice


General information on speech development

If you are attending for therapy to work on speech development:

Discrimination and silent sorting

Helping your child to listen to the differences in sounds:

Minimal Pairs

Helping your child use their new sound in the right words:

To work on specific sounds - Youtube Videos:

‘S’ sound

‘SH’ sound

‘CH’ sound

‘J’ sound

‘R’ sound

How to help your child use their new sound in daily conversation


Early language:

Children using sentences:

Story telling:

Developmental Language Disorder DLD:




Regulatory bodies

Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists (iaslt.ie)

For information on SLTs who work in private practice see the Independent Speech and Language Therapists of Ireland (isti.ie)

Coru (coru.ie) is the regulatory body for Speech and Language Therapists in Ireland

Acquired communication difficulties

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland (abiireland.ie)


We welcome your feedback to the speech and language therapy service directly. You can contact us at your local clinic.

Make a comment, complaint, or send a thank you - Your Service, Your Say.