Cosmetics Control

The laboratory is identified as an "official laboratory" in the EUROPEAN UNION (COSMETIC PRODUCTS) REGULATIONS 2013, along with the other two Public Analyst`s Laboratories in Cork and Galway. Dublin Public Analyst`s Laboratory is responsible for the microbiological examination of cosmetic products. Microbiological examination of cosmetic products is carried out for official control purposes under the regulation. The laboratory continues to expand the range of microbiological parameters available.  Chemical analysis of cosmetic products is carried out in the Cork and Galway Laboratories.

Current Parameters:

Aerobic   mesophilic bacteria (Enumeration)

Yeast   and mould (Enumeration)

Pseudomonas   aeruginosa   (Detection)

Staphylococcus   aureus   (Detection)

Escherichia coli (Detection)

Candida albicans (Detection)

Results are assessed against the microbiological guidelines contained in the most recent edition of the guidance notes for testing of cosmetic ingredients produced by the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) or in the most recent legislation/standard.

The competent authority for regulation of cosmetics in Ireland is the

Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) . The HPRA produce a range of guidance documents which can be found at:

The laboratory fulfils its statutory role in cosmetic control responsibilities by means of the National Cosmetics Surveillance Programme coordinated between the laboratories, the Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and the HPRA. Samples considered to be of low microbiological risk under ISO 28621:2017 are identified in the programme and excluded from testing. Samples may be submitted outside of the programme following inspection or where there is suspected, or confirmed, non-compliance with the limits specified in the relevant legislation or standards.

When querying a test result, the Executive Analytical Chemist who is named on the test report should be contacted.

Private Customers: The laboratory is currently unable to provide a cosmetics analysis service to private customers.

Last updated 30/09/2022