FAQs - Public Analyst Laboratory

Does the laboratory test for blood/urine alcohol levels?


This service is provided by the Galway Public Analyst’s Laboratory. Tel: 091-581122

Does the laboratory provide a service for HIV testing?


Please contact your local AIDS Helpline for further information on testing.

What is the policy on sample delivery to the laboratory?

The policy on sample delivery is detailed in Standard Operating Procedure PALA 0018 Test Item Delivery and Reporting According to Timeframes and Deadlines Policy.

What are the sample reporting times for sample analyses?

It is the laboratory policy to provide an efficient service to all our customers. Sample analyses are reported according to Standard Operating Procedure PALA 0018 "Test Item Delivery and Reporting According to Timeframes and Deadlines Policy".

What is the Laboratory Sample Retention and Disposal Policy?

Sample Retention and Disposal Policy

Food Chemical Samples:

Compliant - immediate disposal

Non compliant - 6 month retention

Clinical Samples:

All samples are disposed of after one week

Food and Water Microbiological Samples/Water Chemical Samples:

Compliant/Non compliant - immediate disposal

Chemical and Microbiological Food and Water Complaint Samples:

Disposed of 5 weeks after date report posted unless otherwise stated on the report.

A second date may be agreed by the laboratory if extra retention time is requested – Collection of a reported sample or sample remnant should be arranged with the Reporting Analyst.  If the sample is collected, a Sample Collection Form must be signed by the customer or their representative when the sample is collected.

Last updated 21/07/2017