Information for General Public - Public Analyst's Laboratory

The laboratory provides a comprehensive chemical and microbiological drinking water analysis service. This is to assess the potability / drinkability of the water. The testing can be for routine, planning permission, investigation or other purposes.

Please contact the laboratory to book in a sample(s) for analysis. All sample analysis must be pre-booked prior to the submission of samples.

Food complaint samples can normally be channelled through your local  Environmental Health Services Offices. Examination of food complaint samples can be carried out on a private fee paying basis. Information on submitting a food complaint Food Complaints

Conditions, listed on the back of a laboratory report, under which the report is issued by the Public Analyst`s Dublin.

The laboratory does not perform sampling. Samples are analysed as received. This report relates only to the item(s) tested. Any communication relating to the report should be addressed to the relevant signatory.

This report may not be used for the purposes of advertising or publicity. This report may not be reproduced, except in full, without the approval of the testing laboratory.

The samples mentioned in this report will be disposed of according to laboratory policy which is available at:

For further information please contact the laboratory.

Every possible care is taken in issuing any advice herein, but no liability whatsoever is accepted in connection with it.

A report on a proprietary article is given on the understanding that no attempt will be made to reproduce the article by a person other than the manufacturer.

The Public Analyst’s Laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The laboratory INAB Registration Number is 099T and the laboratory Scope of Accreditation is available on the INAB website.

Where any test result(s) is(are) accredited, the accreditation status is indicated by the inclusion of the INAB logo on the report. If both accredited and non-accredited test results are included on the report, the non-accredited test results are indicated by a # symbol. Where a report includes no accredited test results, the INAB logo is not included on the report.

Where a report includes an accredited result, any opinions and interpretations expressed in the report do not form part of the Scope of Accreditation.

In the event of an investigation, for legal purposes, it may be a requirement that the laboratory share analytical results with the Department of Health, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland or other Official Agencies.

Last updated 17/02/2023