Midwifery Led Care

The Midwifery Led Care is provided in the Midwifery Led Unit (MLU).  The MLU is a separate unit located within the Maternity Department at Cavan General Hospital.   The unit is made up of a small team of midwives who provide care for women throughout their pregnancy, during labour and in the postnatal period. 

The MLU offers:

  • A homely, family-friendly environment
  • Flexible appointments with minimal waiting times
  • The option of having your antenatal appointments in St. Davnet’s Hospital, Monaghan
  • The midwife will visit you at home after you have your baby
  • Your partner is welcome to stay overnight with you
  • No restrictions on visiting
  • A supportive backup service from the Consultant Led Unit if required

The MLU midwives perceive childbirth as a normal, natural and life-changing event and aim to provide a welcoming, supportive and caring environment for women planning to give birth in this “home from home” setting.  They aim to ensure that all women they care for feel safe, respected, confident and totally involved in all aspects of their care, which will be given regardless of culture, background or religious belief.  They are highly skilled in the art of midwifery and normal childbirth and are committed to this philosophy of care. 

Midwifery led care is suitable for all healthy low risk pregnant women without any major medical or gynaecological history.  At your initial booking your medical history will be taken to decide if you are suitable to have your baby in the MLU. 

Some reasons why midwifery-led care will not be suitable for you include:

  • Previous caesarean section
  • Previous heavy bleeding following a birth that required medical intervention
  • Previous 3rd-degree perineal tear
  • More than 40 years of age and less than 16years of age at delivery
  • More than 5 previous babies
  • Body mass index of less than 18 or greater than 30

Contact details

If you would like further information or would like to book into the MLU to have your baby, phone the MLU directly to have a chat with one of our midwives.

They will organise your first scan and booking appointment.

Phone 049 4376 059 or 087 9799 385

You can also talk to your GP and they can refer you to the MLU.

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