Cavan Monaghan Hospital: Maternity Services

Welcome to our Maternity Service at Cavan Monaghan Hospital.

Cavan Monaghan Hospital is committed to providing the relevant professional expertise to have a positive pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal experience.  As we are a training hospital, student nurses/midwives will be involved in your care.

The Maternity Department is located on the first floor of Cavan General Hospital.  The department consists of 31 inpatient beds, 4 labour suites, a Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) and a Special Care Baby Unit.  

The MLU is a separate unit located within the Maternity Department of Cavan General Hospital.  Cavan General Hospital is one of only two hospitals in the country to have a MLU, the other is also located in the North East at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co. Louth.

The Maternity Department at Cavan General Hospital currently provides maternity services for approximately 2,000 births per year and a Special Care Baby Unit providing care for babies from 30 weeks gestation onwards.

Cavan Monaghan Hospital recommends breastfeeding because it is the best start in life for babies. The hospital is accredited as a ‘baby friendly’ hospital, which means that we provide a high standard of care so that pregnant women and new mothers receive the support they need to breastfeed successfully.

If you choose to have your baby at Cavan General Hospital, there are two options of care available to you; Consultant Led Care and Midwifery Led Care.  You can find out more by clicking on the links below:

Consultant Led Care

Midwifery Led Care


Maternity Patient Safety Statement

Maternity Patient Safety Statements have been published for each of the country’s 19 maternity hospitals and units. Each Hospital Group and Maternity Hospital will publish an updated statement each month.

The objective in publishing these statements is to provide public assurance that maternity services are delivered in an environment that promotes open disclosure.  It is intended that reporting in an honest and open way helps build trust and improves clinical performance and the culture of safety.

The Maternity Patient Safety Statement contains information on 17 metrics covering a range of clinical activities, major obstetric events, modes of delivery and clinical incidents.

While all maternity hospitals collect a large range of information and data on an ongoing basis, these particular metrics have been selected on the basis that they are clinically robust, relevant and underpinned by standardised definitions.

The statements will also inform hospital management in carrying out their role in safety and quality improvement. It is intended that they will act as an early warning mechanism for issues that require local action or any issues that need intervention at Hospital Group or national level.

December 2015

For further information contact the Maternity Department, Cavan General Hospital tel (049) 4376613.