Occupational Health Department: Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown

Occupational Health, Healthy Workplace Unit,
Dublin North, 2nd floor, Unit 10-1
Blanchardstown Corporate Park,
D15 WDH4
Phone: 01-7784320
Fax: 01-7784342 

We are a confidential independent advisory service whose role is to provide impartial advice regarding fitness for work to line managers, aimed at assisting HSE employees to regain their good health and return to a suitable job as soon as their recovery allows.  We are a preventative, not a treatment service and not a substitute to attending your General Practitioner. 

The Occupational Health Service aims to promote and maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of HES employees.  The service looks at how work and work surroundings may affect people’s health and also how their health may affect their ability to cope with their work. 

The emphasis of the service provided is on the protection of employees from the possible adverse effects of work-related activity and on health promotion.

Occupational health records are kept separate from all other health or personnel records under the sole control of Occupational Health Staff that are bound by professional and ethical codes of practice.