Patient Safety: Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown

Permission to leave the hospital during your stay must be granted by your hospital doctor.  Inform nursing staff if you wish to leave your immediate nursing area.

In the event of fire, all persons in the area must strictly adhere to the instructions of the most senior person in charge and they will advise if the ward should be evacuated.  You should familiarise yourself with all fire exits in your ward.  If you are unsure where they are, ask a member of staff.

Please note a fire alarm test takes place every Wednesday in the morning.

Always wear non-slip shoes or slippers when out of bed.

Connolly Hospital is a Health Promoting Hospital and we actively encourage healthy lifestyles amongst our staff and patients.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We do not accept aggressive or threatening behaviour towards staff, other patients or visitors.  Should such a situation occur, security will be called.

For safety reasons, do not leave the ward without informing Nursing Staff.