Ward Routine

Each ward has a daily routine.  This necessitates an early start in order to facilitate patient care and to prepare patients for ward rounds later in the morning. 

Ward rounds are where Consultants and their team of doctors meet with you to review and plan your care. The name of the consultant with the overall responsibility for your care will be over your bed.   You should feel free at this time to discuss your condition and seek clarification on any issue that may be unclear. Your care may be transferred from one consultant to another based on your particular medical needs or if a particular consultant has cared for you recently.


Connolly Hospital is a major teaching hospital for nursing, medical and allied health professional students. This means that you may at any time be asked to speak with medical students and to allow them to examine you, or to be involved in your care. Your co operation in this is greatly appreciated, but is entirely at your discretion. 

Family Enquiries

We ask that one family member be nominated to make phone enquiries about a patient and they in turn can inform other family members.  Relatives are requested not to phone before 11am or at times of nursing staff handover which are 7.30am – 8.15am and 7.30pm – 8.15pm. If enquiring over the phone re your family member please ask to speak the named nurse.

Named Nurse

Each day you will be allocated a named nurse to look after your care. Your named nurse will introduce themselves at the beginning of each shift.

Nurse call

If you need nursing assistance use the nurse call system beside your bed. The nurse will show you how to use it when you are admitted.

Identity bands

You must wear a Patient Identity Band during your stay.  Check that the details on your band are correct.  If any information is incorrect please notify the nursing staff.

Ward Transfers

It may be necessary, during your stay, to transfer you to another ward/room within the hospital.  This is a clinical decision and your co operation with such a decision, especially as it might apply to single rooms, is much appreciated.

For safety do not leave the ward without informing nursing staff.

Productive Meal Time Project

The Protected Meal time period on Elm & Rowan ward is 12:20-13:00pm. It is a protected period of time to allow patients to eat & enjoy meals without being interrupted and give staff time to provide assistance and support to patients as required.

All visitors are required not to visit patients during this time.  Relatives of critically ill patients and relatives available to assist patients are allowed to visit provided they get permission from the Clinical Nurse Manager to visit the ward.


Bringing prepared or cooked food into hospital is not allowed. If you have any special dietary needs please inform your nurse


 Some care processes, tests, procedures and treatments may require your consent. Informed consent is obtained before surgery, anaesthesia, us of blood and blood products and other high risk treatments and procedures. Remember it is your right to be fully informed of any pending procedures.

 If you are under 16 years of age, consent from your guardian is needed. 


We urge you to ask questions …..

We believe, as a patient, it is paramount that you have a clear understanding of your care. We are respectful of our patient’s personal values and beliefs and encourage you to feel free to ask our medical staff any questions that you may have. Please tell us if you do not understand any of the information that is given to you. It is our goal that patients* and/or families receive adequate information about their illness and proposed treatments, so that they are informed of their options. (*Please discuss with your consultant your wishes regarding disclosure of information).

This information will be delivered via a number of possible modes - verbal, written, visual or by demonstration method. You will find information leaflets in your room, on the ward and in the various departments you might attend. Please note that these leaflets are for guidance only.

Remember, you can always have someone with you when you are meeting your consultant or receiving information from other staff. Do let us know if you are unclear about any of the information you receive.