CAMHS in Intellectual Disability (CAMHS-ID)

CAMHS-ID stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in Intellectual Disability.

CAMHS-ID is a specialist mental health service for children and teenagers who have both:

  • a moderate to profound intellectual disability
  • a moderate to severe mental disorder

We work with the services that your child gets through primary care and children’s disability network teams.


To access CAMHS-ID your child needs to be referred by their doctor. 

You may be asked to provide more information - for example a psychological assessment.

If their referral meets the criteria for CAMHS-ID they will be placed on a waiting list for assessment. 

If they are referred to the CAMHS-ID team, they should continue to access services from the local children’s disability network team during their assessment and intervention period with the CAMHS-ID team. 

What to expect

CAMHS-ID teams consist of multidisciplinary team members such as psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical nurse specialists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and administrators.

We offer:

  • Assessment, formulation, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
  • Development of co-produced individual care plans
  • Multidisciplinary team interventions to treat mental disorder
  • Mental health medication management
  • Liaison with CDNTs, educational and mental health services for those children attending the CAMHS ID service for assessment/treatment of a mental disorder
  • Discharge and after-care planning on recovery from the mental disorder

Assessment starts with a meeting between parents and some members of the CAMHS-ID team. 

We will ask you for a detailed history of the issues, and their medical, psychiatric, developmental and family history.

Assessment usually also involves observations across other settings, for example at school, the clinic, or home.

After the assessment

We will give you a psychiatric report detailing the outcome of the assessment.

Further appointments could involve medication prescription and management, group therapy, family therapy or individual therapy with a clinician.

Many interventions provided by CAMHS-ID are aimed at supporting the family as well as the child in treating the mental disorder. 

When your mental health improves the CAMHS-ID team will discharge you back to primary care or children’s disability network care. You will have a recovery plan for staying well and, and will be able to access our team again if needed.

Community Healthcare East CAMHS-ID contact details

Our catchment area includes Dublin South, Dublin Southeast and East Wicklow.


The Lodge,
Clonskeagh Hospital Campus,
Dublin 6
D06 V406 

Phone: 01 268 0501